We set this page aside to give you a better idea of what you can expect when working with ICONA.

Website design, mobile development, SEO services, and marketing are all interconnected pieces of the same puzzle. Call it lead generation, business development, or prospecting—we help our clients fit these pieces together in the way that works best for their business.

As a boutique agency, we don't approach our work as a commodity-based enterprise. Every website is unique, and each project requires a custom approach. This methodology leads to a measurable return on your marketing investment, and it is why we have been in this business for over 15 years.

Getting to Know You (Discovery)

Getting a thorough understanding of each other is the all-important first step in determining what our future together looks like. We'll want to know about your past and current efforts online, your business aspirations, and what drives your business goals on and offline.

We also need a sense of your strengths, your values, and your identity if we're going to develop a campaign that works for you. We'll get to know you remarkably well (yet quickly) before we start drawing up initial strategies.

Blueprints for Success (Planning & Schedules)

Next, we'll develop a broad-strokes plan and come to you with a scope, including budget and timeline. Keep in mind, we're a boutique firm, and we only take on a select handful of projects at a time. By devoting our full attention to a few clients - we achieve premium results. This approach is reflected in every aspect of our business, and that includes our schedule and rates. Your website won't be built in a day, and there are definitely "cheaper" options out there - but we don't think there are better ones.

Through a detailed discussion with you and your team, we'll plan out the right development and design solution, identify all the elements for optimization, including an SEO and SEM marketing strategy that will take your business where you need it to go. You'll get a realistic timeline, and we'll work with you and your team to make that timeline a reality.

We define value as something that generates returns long after your initial investment. That's the service we provide, from your first design to your ongoing marketing: quality work that builds your brand, and that creates tangible value for your business and your clients.

Dedication & Hard Work (Project Execution)

When we have the major details squared away, it's time to jump into production. We build with intent from the ground up, and we build to last. We don't compete on price, and we won't slap a logo on a template site and call it a day. We fully appreciate that not everyone's vision or goals align with our own, but we love it when we find a match.

Every member of ICONA has been working in their area of expertise for a long time, and we're good at letting you know what to expect and when to expect it. We execute with enthusiasm and certainty, leaving the guesswork and the sales hype for others. And if you're ever concerned with the project progress you're seeing, you'll have the same point of contact to check in with at all stages of your digital marketing implementation.

True to Our Word (Continued Partnering)

Some clients have finite projects they need to be met, and many are drawn to our ongoing conversion optimization, SEO and content marketing services.

Whether your project comes to a complete close or reaches a stage of steady growth, we like to get feedback on your experience. We want to know how we did in terms of meeting your goals and expectations, and anything we can do to improve the quality of the service and the level of attention we provide. So we'll close out with a few more questions, and we'll get to know each other all over again.

We hope you find our style of business in line with your values. We invite you to connect with us - get in touch!